Stay Fit The Smart Way: Latest Gadget Trends In Fitness

The wearable technology has grown in leaps and bounds from the last decade. Especially in fitness and wellness arena wearable technology has found its niche. Gone are the times when runners relied on their watch to count their training numbers. 55.7 million People were using diet and fitness apps in 2013 say a survey conducted by Kantar Media in the United States.

In 2014 the health and fitness gadget market was swarmed by sophisticated wearable technology that compelled many tech experts to name 2014 as ‘the year of wearable technology’. Reportedly 70% of Americans (Nielsen Health and Wellness study) are aware about the health and fitness gadgets and 61% of the Americans use fitness gadgets to stay fit.

As per the latest gadget news, the fitness market has gadgets that help them to step up their fitness routine such as running, workouts, swims or rides to achieve their fitness goals. This year, there are some interesting finds in wearable technology that are easier to use and are unique.

The New fitness gadgets rocking the market

  1. Band to track body composition

Fitness geeks can be rest assured to track their fitness with a simple band called InBody band that has unique feature. Aside from tracking the fitness graph the band can evaluate body composition by analyzing muscle mass vs. fat mass. The InBody band is equipped with four various sensors for the unique ability. The InBody band has won A CES innovation award.

2. Yoga with SmartMat

Wearable technology has something for everyone interested in their health and fitness. Now, there is a yoga mat to correct the body alignment for perfect Yoga postures. SmartMat that syncs with an app, tracks the alignment of the body. SmartMat not only tracks the alignment but it can give real-time and verbal feedbacks to correct postures.

3. Socks for fitness

Is there a smarter way to run? Looks like there is! Sensoria has developed fitness socks that are designed using high-technology. Sensoria fitness socks can collect the run data to give an analysis. It can track pace, speed, distance, foot landing and much more. Once the data is collected by the fitness sock, it is sent to an app to sync and analyze the data.

4. Exercise in a chair

Exercising was never done in a chair. But thanks to the Tao exercise chair, fitness fans can continue with their fitness routine when they are busy. Burned calories are tracked with the built-in sensors in the chair. What more, one can exercise by pushing and pulling the arm of the chair. The chair is designed in way to involve vital muscles in the body when exercising.

5. Track your sleep pattern

A good night’s sleep can do wonders in fitness routine. Sleep is very vital for fitness. S+ sleep tracker is a unique device that monitors sleep patterns. The special feature in the gadget allows it to recognize sleep patterns without body contact to point out factors influencing the sleep patterns and provide tips for improved sleep. S+ sleep tracker analyzes the sleep pattern by observing breathing, outer environment, chest movements and much more.

6. Smart pedaling

Wearable technology has introduced a revolution in the biking world. Smart pedal tracks biking data to evaluate speed, calories burned, incline and much more for each ride. Developed by Connected Cycle, smart pedal also has a GPS locator that alerts the biker when someone tries to snatch the bike.

7. Personal fitness coach

Smart gadgets such as Fitbug can help with fitness training plans. Fitbug has in-built coaching plans and it analyzes the fitness data by providing daily reports and fitness goals. The gadget syncs with an app to analyze data.

8. Get moving

Many health experts believe that sitting for long hours can have disastrous effect on our fitness and health. The new mantra is to get moving. Nike Fuelband is a simple wrist band that tracks movements. The motion sensor in the band analyzes every movement through the day. The band provides data in the form of movement points. 10,000 points per day is regarded as ideal for healthy and fit lifestyle. It is a band that motivates to stay fit and healthy.

9. GPS watch

Runners use watch to track the speed, calories burned etc. But here is something unique that plans training schedule and advices runners on possible improvements- Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS running watch. Garmin watch has been featured in many latest tech videos for its versatility to track, monitor and advice data for runners. Garmin watch not only advices runners on possible improvements, it also lets them know when to try for improvements.

The technology gadgets for fitness are here to stay as tech experts predict a booming market and more innovative gadgets for fitness in coming years. As per The American College of Sports Medicine’s annual fitness trend forecast, technology gadgets for fitness will to be the number one trend in 2016.


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