The Joys of Rereading
Gavin Paul

I like the idea of going back and rereading books. You see for me I’m not much of a reader in the first place. Its actually hard for me to enjoy a book. I just end up getting bored and closing the book. I like poetry a lot though. It really draws me in

I want to be able to go back and reread book I’ve read in the past. To go and maybe not be surprised but feel something and to be able to notice what i might have never noticed before. I liked how you did address that fact that you didn’t notice something before even though you read it before. Its cool to go back and experience and look at things in a different way instead of reading it once then being done.

I like the fact that you talked about your son and passing down your book to him and that just connects so well. I think we should be able to go back and read something again. No matter how many times we have read it. Its good i think to go back and re live some things. We should keep that stuff in our minds instead of forgetting about them and leaving it out of our lives.

This has inspired me to grab a book I’ve read before, that I have really enjoyed, and to read it again. To choose to relive that experience again. I'm glad I came across this and got the chance to read and comment about it.