Gracie’s Guide to Customer Success

Do you ever have those customers that from the moment they open their mouth, you just know they are going to be a handful? Well I am here to help you turn their negative experience into a positive experience that they will boast about for days.

I manage a soda shop called Splashpad. We have competing soda shops all around us. How do we stay open, you ask? Two words: customer success.

I was working one day and a lady came through the drive-thru. She had just been to one of our competitors and was less than thrilled. She asked me to make her a drink called the Mango Fizz. Since that was a drink at one of our competitors and not at Splashpad, I didn’t know what it was or what was in it.

This is the point where I made the decision to go above and beyond my duties to make sure that the customer had a positive experience. I could’ve just apologized and said that we don’t carry that drink and sent her on her way. Instead, I took the extra time to make sure her experience here was a positive one. Since I didn’t know what the ingredients were in the Mango Fizz, but knew we probably would have all the same ingredients, I took the time to go to our competitors website and look at their menu. I found the Mango Fizz drink and then recreated it.

I handed out the drink and by that time she realized that we didn’t have that drink on our menu, so she asked how I knew how to make it. I explained to her what I did and she was absolutely ecstatic. You would’ve thought she won the lottery! She then went home and posted on Facebook about how awesome Splashpad is and how great the customer service is.

By taking 5 extra minutes to go above and beyond and please a customer, I accomplished 3 things:

1)Created A Repeat Customer

We now have a customer that is very happy with our company so she will be excited to return and spend more money with us. You have to impress every customer that comes to your business every time if you want them to stay loyal.

2)Stole A Customer From Our Competitors

It can be difficult to differentiate one soda shop from the next. Great customer service is one of the ways to do that. We are competing with our competitors to stay open. Stealing a customer that habitually uses their company instead of ours has inherently brought more value to our company.

3)We Recieved Free Advertising

Advertising is huge. Not having to pay for an ad or design one and still getting the word out to people is amazing. This lady has a bunch of Facebook friends that trust her opinion that are now going to stop by and see what our business has to offer.

I turned a seemingly angry customer into a happy, loyal, free advertising machine just by googling and a little fridge-rummaging. Having good customer service can work wonders for your business, and it often doesn’t take much to make someone’s day!



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