Why Everyone Should Learn How to Pitch Themselves

In today’s world, too many people sit back and wait for a job to fall in their lap. They send in the same old boring resume and wait for an interview. There is a better way. It’s time for everyone to take initiative and learn how to pitch themselves. You are the best advocate for yourself.

Hiring managers look at dozens of resumes every day. It is hard to make yourself stand out on a resume that looks just like everyone else’s. Instead, take a new approach. Create a pitch that you are proud of and represents yourself well.

Well, what exactly does pitching yourself mean?

Pitching yourself is a unique creative tool to effectively market yourself. It’s not being afraid to put yourself out there. It entails doing some research into the company and putting together a pitch tailored to them.

You might be thinking, are you sure hiring managers prefer you to pitch yourself and not just read a resume? Resumes are outdated and don’t show the company what value you bring to the table. Pitching yourself is the most effective way to articulate the value and contribution you could bring to an organization.

If I haven’t sold you on why you should learn to pitch yourself yet, here are a few more reasons.

If you don’t, who will?

If you don’t take things into your own hands nobody else will. A hiring manager will not try to get more information out of you. They won’t spend their time asking you for more. They will just skip right over you and go to the next person. Who better to promote you than you?

Displays Confidence and Competence

Having a good pitch shows the hiring manager you are confident in yourself. Nobody believes in you until you believe in you. If your pitch comes across as weak and unsure of yourself they are less likely to take a chance on you. Your first impression is their first look into your competency. You want to project subtle confidence yet enthusiastic initiative.

Impress the Hiring Manager

Your main goal when trying to get hired should be trying to impress the hiring manager. What better way to do that than creating an awesome pitch? Pitching yourself goes over and beyond what is required of you. It highlights your initiative about wanting to get the job.

After all that you have to be sold right? Now that you know why pitching helps get the job, here’s how to do it.

Stand Out

The main point to get across when pitching yourself is why you’re the best option. Companies are looking to hire someone that stands out. Submitting the same resume that everyone else does will not stand out to the hiring manager. By putting in the extra effort to research the company and cater your pitch directly to them will make you stand out.

Add Value

You want to provide the company an offer they can’t refuse. You want to show them why they have to hire you. A good way to do this is to put some research into the company that you are wanting to work for. Look into what you like and dislike about their company. If you dislike their website design, redo it. Make a mock-up design of their website you like better and present it to them. It replicates what it would be like working in that role. Show them how you can make their company better and provide value.

Learning how to pitch yourself will get you so much further in your professional career. It is something that everyone should learn when they are first entering the business world.



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