Ignorance is bliss.

knowledge is suicide.

Once you learn the things you need to know, in order to be truly ‘genius’, you lose a part of yourself that can never be gained back.

The second you agree, to open your mind, you agree to let go of a piece of yourself. Whether you mean to or not.

You learn things, maybe you didn’t even want to know.

You hear things, you’ve never heard before.Once you learn IT you will learn so much more about yourself. And who you used to be, that changes so much, that it almost feels as if it was never truly there.

I wonder if I should throw a funeral for the part of me that has died. Thank you for its time. Count all the wonderful memories I had with it.

And then, bury it in the ground and cover it with flowers. And never see it again.

The question is… would you rather die never understanding.. Or die multiple times before your actual dead.


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