A New Year, A New Me.

Since my conception in January of 1992, I have been telling myself “Gracie, this is the year that you will write more.” And for 23 years I have not been sticking to this protocol! Alas, year 24 hit and I sat myself down to say “Listen, you… you’re about to hit a quarter life crisis. If you don’t write now, you never will.” 2016 was a pleasant year but I didn’t feel productive. I felt stuck in life. I was in a creative rut with no outlet. January 1, 2017, I knew that I could not go another year feeling like something was missing. I began writing more — working on scripts, sketches, and stories. I was finally doing what I’ve always wanted to do but have been to scared to do. It’s July and you’re probably reading this thinking “Does she know we are nearly eight months into 2017? Why is she making a resolution so late?” You know why? Because I freaking can! That’s why.

Here’s an actual photo of me from 1993 crying because I procrastinated on starting a blog.

If you’re still with me — Thanks! I appreciate it. I don’t want to make my introductory post terribly long but I finally found a premise to my blog. This has been the main reason I’ve waited so long to write a blogs. What do I write about? Will people care? Then I realized: I am always story telling. I love sharing stories about funny or awkward encounters. I have a million. A blog is the best way to collect those experiences.