How it Feels to be a Fat Chick
Erika Sauter

I like your style. It’s refreshing to see your words and to know that you embrace yourself just the way you are. That is so not easy to do in this competitive, media dominated world. We need to hear more of your voice and others like it. We are so much more than our bodies but that would be hard to believe if all you did was look at what the culture offers you.

For me, it’s not so much body image that gets in the way (although it does its share of intruding). I am always about how much better other people write or paint or speak. I see their clever comments on Twitter, or read their fantastic novels/poetry, or see their incredible phtotography or painting and Bingo! I am reduced to a small nothing.

I want to be happy with whoever I am but that seems to be hard to achieve. Thanks for your thoughtful piece.

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