Black History Month: I am your long lost sister

I am your long lost sister

I am a drop of blood, your blood,

Your ancestors’ blood

Flowing through nature’s river bed

Into the vast ocean of humanity

Of Black humanity

Of Africa’s History

Of African American Reality.

Come closer, my mother’s daughter

Look me in the eye, smile and laugh with me

I am your long lost sister

Left behind in Motherland Africa

To guard the ancestral shrines and spirits

And our mother’s rich treasures, hidden in the dark sooty pot

After you were raped and robbed by slavery

By dark wretched hearts that sold our family

Into the tortuous well of deep misery.

You call me black, ugly and dark

You step down on me like a piece of dirt

And yet you are a part of me, part of my family

You are my long lost sister

Grabbed into the jaws of slavery

Mocked, despised, abused and damned

Abandoned by the world for riches untold

Hanged on the cross like the Holy Christ

Alas, betrayed for 30 pieces of silver and more

For old money, that never grows old or cold.

No! Believe it not.

It is not you my sister that hates me so

Hurling these insults that hurt so deep

It is our scarred History; the pain in your eyes

The burning fire in the pit of your stomach

The vengeful bile of bitterness

That reminds you of our dreadful past

Whenever you see me

A past so horrendous, shameful and cursed

A past that makes it hard to forgive and love

A cursed past…

Forgive me my sister if my presence reminds you

Of all the skeletons of untold anguish

Buried under the sea of forgotten graves

Forgive me my sister if my presence makes you tremble

With guilt and shame,

Bleeds and rattles your dazed, crushed, bitter, spirit.

I bear no ill but love for you

I am your link with the past

The link, that will help you trace your lost self

I am your journey to self reclamation

Your link to self actualization

I am the powerful wave from the sea of Motherland

Come with healing salt from the ocean’s womb

And the charm of good luck

To cleanse you and set you free

I have come to pluck out the log from your eye

To help restore your blurred vision and mind

That you may recognize me,

My sister, your sister

I am the calm waters of undaunted spirits

Roaming the world in search of its lost humanity

I am your long lost sister

Whose haunted spirit traversed thousands of miles in wretched ships

Of dark History.

You are my long lost sister

Long lost sister

Long lost sister

Come let me hold your hand and guide you safely, home.

Gracie Williams is an International Journalist, Poet and Author.