Step 0 — The first step for every entrepreneur

Half a year ago I faced the end of one of my ventures. I had dedicated over a year and half to that project that I thought was my ticket to success. In this case meaning: being my own boss, making a change in the world and having financial freedom. After seeing everything I worked for die, I din’t knew where to start again. I went to see a professor who’ve always supported my projects and is genuinely passionate about entrepreneurship.

As I told him that my venture was failing and he saw that I was giving up, he asked me this simple question: “What are you really passionate about?” For a moment I didn’t knew what to answer. I told him the first thoughts that came to my mind: to create things, to build solutions,and to really make a difference in the world. He continued: “but why?”. I did’t knew what he was getting to, so he said: “you don’t even know what you are really passionate about, you’re mission in life”.

He looked at me and said: You are missing “Step 0”.

Step 0 is your core. It’s what you are truly passionate about and it’s the reason why you wake up every morning to do what you love.

To master “Step 0” I used this presentations from Hive Chairman Ryan Allis on everything he learned in his twenties on life, entrepreneurship, and the world. This is the link:

Part 1 is about life: your goals, purpose, habits, vision, mentors, values and life lessons.

Part 2 talks about entrepreneurship: which focuses on the big opportunities, the importance of building a team, business panning, product development and innovation.

Part 3 is about the world: the progress in the world, human rights, the innovation age, and the world in 2050.

I suggest that you give yourself some time, even a whole weekend to work on yourself and master step 0. I really do hope you find this useful.

This step is all about finding yourself and truly knowing what you love, so you can start working and creating successful projects.