Trying to keep it simple

— — — December 5th — — —

James [6:48 PM]

This Medium post was written using Slack across numerous devices and locations. It’s intended to capture why as an agency we think having two websites is the right way for us to show our work. When we started the agency we didn’t want to follow a pre-defined route.

jowey [6:50 PM]

Agency websites are so overly complicated. They try to please too many people. There are so many needs, that they ultimately lose any real narrative.


Saying so much, you say nothing at all.

james [6:53 PM]

We’ve made a lot of work we’re really proud of and we want to share it with other designers. So a couple of months ago we started talking about having a super simple site for everyone to learn about Koto and our work.

jowey [7:25 PM]

We had a bit of accidental success with our single project websites that really resonated with clients and was pretty quickly duplicated by the design community. We really enjoyed telling a simple story with a single narrative that we could lead people through.

james [7:40 PM]

So with a lot of work created and no real home for it beyond our Dropbox and case studies, we’ve decided to make another site purely focussed at the design community. It’s a repository for all the other work we’ve made. Posted as a visual flow to be judged and deconstructed as anyone see’s fit. No words, just design.

— — — December 7th — — —

jowey [11:14 AM]

Our website will always be a home for the jobs that really summarise who we are, the work we love to do and the effect branding can have on a business told as a proper story. This new repository is the thought stream of our studio, the brands we make day to day, that we’re proud of.


(like the word repository)

— — — December 8th, 2016 — — —

james [12:22 PM]

We value thinking and ideas. Good graphic design and branding should communicate this thinking without lots of post rationalisation. This repository reflects a real life experience of walking through a world of Koto work.

— — — Today December 9th, 2016 — — —

jowey [9:01 AM]

⤴️ like that.


So, will tell story of our biggest jobs to keep things simple. The work that makes us, us. And our work repository is an uninterrupted flow of what we produce day to day.

james [11:13 AM]

This is the first in a series of conversations as we try to break the expectations of how a design studio should act and communicate.


James Greenfield & Jowey Roden
Creative Directors, Koto.