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Great again.
Great like ball games
And road trips,
American flags
And church potlucks.
Great like a home-cooked meal at six
Respect for your elders
And actual conversation.
Great like homecoming dances
And the national anthem;
Love for Flag, God and Country,
To thee, I pledge.
Great like soda fountains,
And Drive-Thru movies
The Ten Commandments
And those damn commie bastards.
Great like
The perpetual and proud roll of
White-walled wheels
Before Detroit
Became a punchline.

Great again like
Living the American Dream
Presented on a
Blasphemy-free beaming box
Of blissful hope
And life-changing appliances.
Great like late-night shows
And Rebels without a Cause
Rat Pack rhymes
And Blues that still had soul.
Great like sacrosanct springing suburbs
With two-car garages
And no bursting bubbles
Of greed, overflown. …

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I’m tired of it all.

I’m tired of rational, respectful discourse and nuance being dead. I’m tired of cut-throat partisanship and the discarding of morals and decorum. …

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You are not alone.

You are not alone in looking at the environment and wanting to cry. You are not alone in feeling as though you are witnessing the collapse of society and being helpless. You are not alone in looking at our governance and feeling frustrated and fearful about the future. The idea that civilisation is outside of our control is a scary one. The realisation that it could collapse — and possibly within our lifetimes — even more so.

A decade or two ago, the awareness that our civilisation could collapse was mostly confined to believers in religious Armageddon. Anti-government conservatives and left-leaning anarchists were two other early adherents — an interesting area of overlap between two opposing groups. …


D. C. Cavalleri

D. C. Cavalleri — European author, poet and published journalist. In a former life he was a protestant minister but has since reformed his ways.