Grads1st Is Your First Choice For Consolidating Your Student Loans

America’s Debt Problem

Everyone who knows about Student Debt realizes that it’s a LARGE problem for the US. A quarter of Americans are struggling with it. It’s over 1.3 trillion dollars that students are saddled with. That surpasses the credit card and comes in second to home mortgage in America.

There are programs that will help you in which you must apply for. You must submit the applications and information to the Department of Education. Your loans are put into one large amount and then you will be in a repayment program. It’s based off your family size as well as income.

If your wages are currently being garnished, we quickly call the collection agency, halting the garnishment. Then we contact you and work out an acceptable and affordable plan that will get you back on your feet. You’ll be able to afford this plan because we’ll work with you tailoring a plan to fit your needs.

We also work out the payment plan with your creditors. Helping them work out a plan, so that you can get going and live your life. This will allow your credit score to recover.

We help you figure out the rehabilitation plan that is right for you and send it to your creditors so you can get back on track and your get your loans out of the negative. This will not have a negative impact on your credit score.

It can be confusing to a person who needs help with wage garnishment because there are many plans to choose from. They depend on your family size, financial situation, loan type and loan status. From the information that you give us we can give you a program that will work for you. This fits each individual and their circumstances.

We look through each of our applicants for their eligibility for many of our forgiveness programs. There are many of them. Teacher Forgiveness Loans, Public Service Forgiveness Loans and Total Disability Forgiveness Loans.

What you pay will be capped at 10% of your discretionary wage. 240 is the whole term of the months you paid.

They will be fixed payments that you will make once a month. You’ll pay your loan off in ten years or sooner.

Your payments are capped. The balance is 15% of your income and the Max term that you’ll be paid off is 300 months. If there is still an amount, it will be forgiven.

They start out low and grow higher every two years. This is made for borrowers that believe their income will grow.

These are stopped at 20% of your wages. It will last 300 months and it will be forgiven after that time. This matches the graduated plan for students except it will go for 300 months.

Many people stay away from Student Loan Debt because they are of the opinion that the debt loan will be on their credit score for as long as they live.They may assume that it won’t get wiped even if they are going through bankruptcy. Many of the student loan people do Not tell the people that there are government-backed loans that are out there. Awareness is the key when looking into student loans that can help you during this troublesome time. Take time to do some research and you can save a lot of time and money in your advantage.

For this info you can have it a fast as fifteen minutes, plus the programs that you qualify for. When you give us your okay at Grads1st, the time to process your consolidation and the repayment application will be 30–60 days. The turnaround time will be 30 percent faster than the average in the nation!

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