There are many types of data structures within the world of programming. Most new coders are aware of structures such as arrays and hashes, but binary trees on the other-hand, especially for a bootcamp grad, are not as well known and/or understood. This series will explain what binary trees are, why they are used, and how to traverse them as well as showing some real world examples in their implementation.

In part 1 of this series, we will cover the following:

What is a Tree?

What are the differences between a tree and binary search tree?

How do we implement a binary search tree? …

As I approach my final weeks here in my Software Engineer bootcamp at Flatiron School, I have started to look ahead to the future and have begun looking at various other languages to become familiar with. One that has caught my eye has been the Svelte framework due to its simplicity and the similarities it carries with React. however there are some fundamental differences.

According to the Svelte Documentation (,

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Awesome right? Setting up a svelte application is quite easy. just like react, there is an easy way to create an application. Follow these steps to start it up!

Learning a new language is always difficult, especially when that language looks like this:

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Sometimes it is very helpful to have a resource that will help explain complicated concepts in bite sized, digestible portions vs being thrust straight into the deep end. Well, luckily for you, this article will be focusing on one of the most important and basic parts of the React framework, The State!

What is a state in React? Well, in laymen’s terms, the state is an object that determines how a component renders and behaves.

Now, what is the difference between state and props then?

State is the local state of the component which cannot be accessed and modified outside of the component. It’s equivalent to local variables in a function. …

As a developer, you will inevitably come across various errors when trying to use fetch on an API due to it not being authorized right?

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You may be pulling your hair out and going

When developing the next Facebook (FACEBOOK?), Kickstarter or even the backend for your local orthodontist’s office, the relationships between our models in Rails sometimes have to interact in unconventional ways. Sometimes, they have to go POLY — MORPHIC!

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But alas, do not worry, because once you master the polymorphic relationship within rails, you’re new app will be so dynamic it will rival Adam West’s Batman!


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