Everyone is an individual when it comes to their taste in food, music and indeed exercise. When you attend classes, a bootcamp in the park or buy online programmes the sessions are designed for the average person, with no injuries and a common goal to become “fitter” and “healthier”

Who should attend classes/bootcamps/buy online programmes?

  • People who are already experienced/acquainted with rigorous exercise
  • Have no overall goal apart from maintenance of activity
  • No injuries or specific problems/needs

What if I don’t fit into those categories?

If you are training for anything specific, have a personal goal, have an injury, never exercised before or are morbidly obese you should work with a personal trainer first.

Why a Personal Trainer first?

The answer is in the name, it is personal to you. A trainer can assess you and tailor your workout for any requirement you might have. As a trainer who also teaches kettlebell classes and kettlebell technique classes I move people through the levels of my services, not just for client retention purposes but for client safety and development. Start with personal training, move on to technique classes then finally move to the (rowdy) kettlebell class.

Is personal training it expensive?

I won’t lie, it can be, especially in capital cities or the US. But the main thing to remember is you are investing in yourself! You are paying for changing your body to be better at something. Some people want to lose weight, gain weight, be stronger, improve performance at an event or just be more independent in later life. The great thing is, whatever your goal you can find a personal trainer who specialises in that niche. In a class is next to impossible to give all participants the attention they need all of the time witch can lead to injury, reduced results or unwanted results. That is why it is less expensive.


Work with a personal trainer in the flesh if you have a specific goal/needs. Use an online programme if you are familiar with the exercises used and just need a plan. Attend classes if you are used to exercise and need a little help with motivation and form. Gradybpt.com