No Escape? Microsoft is About to Eat Apple for Lunch
Eric Elliott

In terms of non Adobe-dependent (Or Final Cut pros) I think this is less a story about a Microsoft win and more a story about increased choice in the OS market.

I agree that the Surface Pro is a gorgeous device that Apple should have done first and better. But as beautiful it is, remember that any one of the big Korean device makers from LG to Samsung, not to mention HP, Lenovo can and will compete with devices of their own.

The CPU’s won’t be anything that exotic and so common instruction sets are a given. So the big question for the future is who’s OS & DE will dominate in them since even if the Surface Pro becomes the top luxury brand for this class of devices, it won’t be the only game in town and competition on price will be fierce.

All that though, is as predictable as the sun rising in the East. The understated part of this is how anti-consumer business moves like Apple continuously marketing mediocre, years-old hardware at insane premium prices and then restricting devs from innovating has begun to wear at people’s patience.

Work on mobile Linux by Canonical and a bit later, KDE is gaining steam. End user FLOSS replacements for many pro workflows on the desktop are at feature parity with Adobe’s CS and certainly with Office. Pro video editing suites aren’t quite there yet. Yet.

What I see here is the first cracks in the walls of the proprietary software world and an opening for OS’s like Ubuntu and DE’s like Unity and Plasma to show off how awesome they are as a substitute for Windows on Microsoft’s own hardware.

I say, “Bring it”

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