Satan a literary allegory?
Andrew Wolfe

Ugh, where do I even start?

Which bible? The King James? The book written by political committee containing only one theologian, appointed by a King Henry the VIII to curb the Papal political influence of his rule of England and published in 1611 - one-thousand, six -hundred eleven years after Jesus’ political execution?Yeah, OK. Seems legit. But then again, you’re talking exorcisms which are exclusive to the Roman Catholic tradition (officially) so maybe you meant “Catholic” when you said you’re a “Christian”

“Consistent church teaching” is an oxymoron. Regardless of whether you’re talking about Rome or the rest of the Christendom they’re all riddled with logical and ethical contradictions. FFS even the four gospels that made it into the “Bible” disagree fairly sharply on their accounts of events. Setting aside that only Mary Magdelane wrote her own. After all she was the only literate one of the disciples. All of the rest of their accounts of Jesus’ lifewere eventually transcribed from the oral stories an average of 140 years after the deaths of their supposed authors.

Conversations with exorcists who’s experience (presumably with exorcisms) “corroborates [your] own”? You perform exorcisms? If i got that right that you’re not a priest (ordained by the Vatican) thenI’m going to assume at this point you’re either lying, trolling or delusional. Here’s why your reply rings as pure BS.

If you’re a Catholic performing un-sanctioned exorcisms you may, according to HRCC doctrine, be committing heresy. Such performing of Catholic rituals reserved for ordained priests, by non ordained Catholics is the very definition of heresy and an easy excommunication case. Are you saying that you’re an un-sanctioned self professed “exorcist?” If so, my original advice stands. See a doctor.

Any intellect developed enough to distinguish reality from supernatural myth is superior to one that doesn’t. Trying to attack me, ad hominem, as a fake intellectual because because i used the appropriate label for the group of religions all founded by Abraham; Judaism, Christianity and Islam just detracts from your argument. Maybe “Abrahamic” has too many syllables for you? Why is being educated so repulsive to you? Do you attack the idea of being educated because a proper education actually leads to critical thinking which leads to questioning things like religions?

<drops mic>

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