A teaser poster or “One sheet” is a marketing tool utilized in the Film & Television industry for promotional purposes. They’re intended to entice, build intrigue, and hint at a project’s subject matter or story and to leave your audience or investor’s mouths salivating. I’ve always enjoyed creating them and love the challenge of capturing and expressing the tone, story, mood or characters with one image and limited text.

“Instinctual design”. If an idea hit me and I could visualize 80% of it, I went with it.

This series of teaser posters were created for Good Deed Entertainment (GDE). GDE is a young and budding production company developing projects for digital and theatrical release. I teamed up with their development department to create 11 posters for an unveiling party that announced GDE’s upcoming partnership with Thunder Studios in Long Beach, California. I had less than 1 week to conceptualize, actualize, and address changes for 11 one sheets. I typically spend 2–3 weeks per poster with several rounds of drafts in between. Due to the time constraint and volume of work ahead of me, I had no room for doubt or questioned the direction of each design. I’ve coined this type of demand and creative solution “Instinctual design”. If an idea hit me and I could visualize 80% of it, I went with it. To streamline the process and save time I used a template/formula for some of them. Three out of the 11 designs needed a complete overhaul, two by GDE’s advisement and one that I felt just wasn’t working for me. It was a great experience and fun exercise.

Below are ten one sheets for GDE’s slate of projects and one poster that was ultimately rejected but I was compelled to include it. (One poster is not featured here). Enjoy!

“The Depositionist” created by Grady Justice
“Magnum 5” created by Grady Justice
Magnum 5 (rejected) created by Grady
“Cemetery Hill” created by Grady Justice
“Underground Sushi” created by Grady Justice
“Tales of the Grotesque” created by Grady Justice
“CIA Human Resources” created by Grady Justice
“Eden” created by Grady Justice
“Bitches on a Boat” created by Grady Justice
“Mom’s Weekend” created by Grady Justice
“Hellgate” created by Grady Justice
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