The Touch Bar should have been on the Magic Keyboard first

I was pretty excited about the Touch Bar when I first saw it in last weeks Apple announcement. We already be familiar with using touch on our hand held devices, why not use it on the device where we are doing the most work?

After thinking about it I realized that maybe they did not put it on the device where we are doing the most work. Sure, I enjoy taking a few hours to do some work at the local coffee house or even at on the couch after the kids are in bed, but I do the bulk of my work at a desk in front of a couple of Cinema Displays. My MacBook Pro is sitting on one of them fancy stands all day. How could I use the Touch Bar if it’s way over there? I actually thought that it may be a good idea to have some sort of music visualizer on there or something, so that it could be a little useful on the stand, when I wouldn’t be able to use it. Or if you use clamshell mode, you are even more out of luck.

The device that I use more often during he day is a Magic Keyboard and Trackpad.

Introducing: Touch Bar for the Magic Keyboard. (Magic Touch Bar?)

This makes a lot more sense to me. I was using Invision App during the day so I thought I would use it as my muse for the Touch Bar. Now I can use that handy piece of technology without feeling like it is being wasted during the day. All the benefits of the Touch Bar without it being far away on a stand!

On the Trackpad it may be even more useful. You could do something similar to Quadro, ( ) where you could assign actions to the buttons on the Magic Touch Bar instead of depending on the options given by the application. Wouldn’t that be sweet!?

I can only guess that Apple has already thought about this. They seem to like moving functionality from OS to OS or device to device, like putting Siri to the Mac or all the mac apps that were brought over to the iPhone. (I’m sure there are better examples.)

Hopefully we will see the Magic Touch Bar built into the Magic Keyboard/Trackpad 3 in the near future!