Why you don’t have to fear the flu season

When I was young, they told me all the time, “Don’t be around someone who is sick, because you’ll catch it.” But I was always hugely skeptical of this. My uncle was a professional athlete who travelled the world, meeting and shaking hands with people from every continent. But for some reason, all of the athletes that I knew who did this sort of thing stayed healthy, and never broke down.

In college, I noticed seasonal illness a lot too. But it was most clearly tied to two things — change in season, and exam time. These were clear aspects of society that I could link to people breaking down and skipping class, while I had no way to verify that germs were at the causes of any illness.

So I was observing that people who travelled a lot, exposed to a massive amount of germs, wouldn’t get sick — so clearly not everyone who was exposed to the same germ got sick. And in college sickness happened during changes of season and exam time.

Let’s take a pause here

Have you ever believed something that experts told you, that seemed so reliable, only to find out that there was a lot of monetary incentive to keep you uninformed?

Of course. They told us that cereals were good for us to eat in the mornings. The food pyramid has been completed turned over in a matter of a few years!

This sort of thing happens very often.

Why does this happen? I believe health-care professionals are dedicated — they’re not trying to hurt anyone. They care deeply, but the landscape of medicine is change so rapidly — 8 thousand new drugs come out every year, and they’re not still at school. The primary education is from the drug companies, Big Pharma.

So let’s do our own research. I’m going to quote the current textbook being used at Harvard Medical School called “Pathological Basis of Disease.” It states in chapter 1:

“The concept of one agent (infectious, chemical, nutritious or physical) as the one cause for a disease is no longer sufficient.”

In other words, there is no single thing that causes a disease. It’s got to be looked at holistically. An infection is always many steps away from the expression of a disease. Inhaling a germ from a friend is many steps away from the symptoms known as “flu.”

The textbook goes on to say:

“Severe physiologic stresses and some pathologic stimuli may bring about cellular adaptations….it is becoming increasingly feasible to link specific molecular abnormalities to disease manifestations” In other words, stresses on the body can lead to illness and disease as well as germs.

The germs actual feed on decayed cells, and have never been shown to multiply in healthy cells. So the initial cause of illness isn’t the germs, it’s the stress on the body!

What causes stress on the body?

  • Drastic changes in weather
  • Psychological stresses (changes in routine, uncertainty, exams)
  • Increased intake of alcohol and caffeine
  • Increase consumption of carcinogens like tobacco and cooked animal fats
  • Increase calorie consumption

When do these things usually occur? Right around the holidays! Extreme weathers, changes in schedule, massive increase in calorie consumption, and particularly alcohol and meat. It’s all right there.

So here’s one alternative theory for you from Big Pharma. There are germs everywhere — people are exposed to them all the time. When the body undergoes stress, which often happens during holiday season, combined with these germs, the cells mutate and cause disease. Germs are not the single cause of disease. Multiple people can get the same germ but not have the same disease. You have to create an unhealthy environment. This gives you the control.

But Big Pharma doesn’t want you to have control — Big Pharma wants to you feel taken by some bugs and then buy their products to suppress the symptoms.

But what are these symptoms for? What happens when you take a poison?

  • Fever, Sweating
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Sore muscles
  • Throwing up
  • Sore stomach

Why does that happen? To get rid of the poison! It’s just like the effects on any kind of cleanse on the body, including a hangover after heavy drinking. These symptoms are the cure. They are seen in every kind of disease, and are the cure to the buildup of toxicity in the body. We experience the symptoms for one or a few days, until we’ve expelled everything that we need to, and then we feel good again.

Compare this to the approach proposed by Big Pharma? Suppress the symptoms, kill everything, don’t treat the cause. Buy the products. Feel overwhelmed.

But the control is in your hands as to whether you are healthy or sick during this holiday season. Germs are not the source of illness, and the symptoms of flu are the cure.

Reduce the stress on your body by eating fresh vegetables and fruits instead of excessive meat and alcohol. Take time to relax and enjoy a break. Go for a walk and get some exercise, breathe deeply. If you do these things this holiday seasons, you’ll be unlike the millions of Americans who are going to get sick this season and wonder why yet again the flu shot they took didn’t work.

Thank you.

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