Day 1: Add your idea to the program ✅

Welcome to the 30 day challenge, and congratulations on joining! This isn’t a high pressure 30 day challenge, but something to have fun, share ideas and try out new things.

With that, there’s minimal effort for day 1 — just add a project to the batch. If you’ve already done that, congratulations, you’ve ticked off day one 😀. If not, here are 2 steps to claim your spot on our product list.

Once you’ve added your product, you’ll have the chance to:

  • ⭐️ Be included in the weekly showcase article and newsletter.
  • 🏆 Be in with a chance of winning cool stickers and swag!
  • 💌 Get an invite to the new community forum when it launches 🚀

Here’s the instructions to create your product page and list your project (and it doesn’t even need to be a fully formed idea yet):

1. 📄 Create a product page

  • 1.1 Add my product: Once you’re signed in, visit the batch page, and you’ll see the button in the top right says ‘Add my product’ — click that:
  • 1.2 Create the product: Now you’ll be prompted to create a product. Click the ‘Create a new product’ link as shown on the next screen:
  • 1.3 Add your product details: Fill out your product description. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a concrete idea yet — it doesn’t need to be complete. You can simply add a title, and click the ‘Add product’ button at the bottom of the form to create your product page.

Done? Now add your product to the batch:

2. ➕Add your product to our 30 day program

Head back to our batch page from the menu:

This time when you click ‘Add product’ (as in 3.1), you’ll see the product you’ve just created. Click ‘Add to batch’, and you’ll now be able to see your product on our page!

What’s next?

Now you’re fully registered, it’s time to think about what problems you want to solve, and the idea(s) you’d like to explore💡.

In the next updates, you’ll find links and resources to help you do this. Stay tuned! If you’re on Twitter, get in touch and I’ll add you to the twitter list of prototypers.

🗣Spread the word