Superheroes are Awesome

Recently superheroes have become an entertainment phenomenon with the release of several television shows and many movies. These media forms make superheroes more appealing to many people, eliminating the need to buy comic books to learn their stories. The movies allow a little kid who may not be able to read, either because they are too young or are simply struggling to learn how, to view ideas that can spark imagination.

It also allows adults who may not have money for comic books to access the stories. Recently the average comic book price was between $2–3. Multipy that by 12 to account for the year it will span, and you are spending $24–36 for one story. Compare that to ticket prices for the movies, which cost between $7–10 for a regular movie. You can save up to $29 to discover a hero’s story through movies. It can be even cheaper for the television shows, since the local channels are free.

Superhero media allows people to have a positive influence in their lives, something that seems to be lacking if you examine today’s culture. The heroes are trying to do good for others, which almost seems like a foreign concept today.

On top of all that, superheroes are simply cool.

Signing off,

Graeme Nichols

PS- You still don’t know my alter ego.