The State of the Youth Address

America’s youth are becoming more disconnected than ever. They are spending more time on screens and a lot less with friends. They are connecting on social media, however these connections often are not meaninful and can often be harmful. They are using this as an excuse to be on a device. On average, they spend 5–7 hours using some sort of screen for entertainment, which is about a quarter of a day. Take out the time needed to sleep (8–11 hours recommended), go to school, do homework, and eat, you have a couple hours at most for social interactions and extracurricular activities.

All this screen time is helping cause more obesity. Eleven percent of kids age 6–11 and twenty-one percent of students age 12–19 are obese. The screen time is taking away from time that used to be spent outside playing games with friends. This decrease in activity, along with the multitudes of unhealthy foods that are readily available that are creating an increase in calorie intake, is resulting in a more obese youth population.

Overall, the youth of this country are not doing well, between the excessive screen time and the obesity.

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