Reads, Faversham

Ancient Market Town, home to Britain’s oldest brewer (Shepherd Neame, 1698, if you’re interested), wonderful historic architecture and everyone’s favourite scruffy Irish 80’s charity megastar Sir Bob Geldof, Faversham is a little jewel in North Kent. Reads keeps good company here, and it’s well deserving of its place.

Located in a fabulous country house just on the Easterly outskirts of town (the opposite side to Bob, so you’ll need to undertake a little pilgrimage for the serious celeb spotting) situated in marvellous gardens where they grow a lot of their own produce, Reads’ menu is classic, unpretentious and well executed. Don’t go expecting a culinary challenge or huge ambition on the menu (hence the large percentage of grey and purple clientele), but do go expecting good food and good service.

Heston this isn’t, but it’s no problem; there’s a place for gastro-whizz-bang-banana-floating-space-pizza but this isn’t it. It’s a signficant disservice to say Reads is ‘simply’ meat or fish plus veg but it’s not a million miles off. That said it’s quite delicious and frankly anyone that doesn’t have a place in their repetoire for the more classic end of the menu spectrum leads a rather more exciting life than I. I’m pretty certain Bob concurs.

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