Sketch Plugin Snippets for Plugin Developers
Aby Nimbalkar

Hi Aby, this is great. Thank you! Are you able to cover getting the contents of a subfolder within a directory?

I’m struggling a bit currently with sandboxing (I think) and I was wondering if you could provide some insight. You talk creating temp directories in order to read and write.

Currently, I’ve got a plugin I’m writing that generates translated pages from a set of JSON files for each language. While this is executing, I’d also like to find some tagged layers and replace the screenshots.

I’d like to do this without having to have the user select the specific screenshot directory.

I’m trying to use:

NSFileManager contentsOfDirectoryAtURL or contentsOfDirectoryAtPath

I keep getting an error “contentsOfDirectoryAtURL or contentsOfDirectoryAtPath” is not a function.

Do you have any thoughts as to why this would occur? Thanks!

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