11 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Tech Geeks & Digital Marketers

Ahmed Osmanli
Oct 13, 2016 · 2 min read
Halloween Costume for Tech Geeks

Want to put up a Halloween costume that’s not much of a hassle. Here are some rather cheap and clever last-minute costume ideas that will go along the tech or marketing themes.

1) Alt Text

You don’t even have to look dressed up if you have casual office clothes. Just blend in. Just go with black jeans, combat boots, and a flannel — and tape a piece of paper to yourself that says something like img2017.jpg. Or if you want to follow best practice for good alt text, you can put something more descriptive, like “alt_text.”

2) SEO Ninja

You can also be one’s favorite LinkedIn title. Dress in all black, put on a black ski mask and tape keywords all over yourself.

3) Google Algorithm Update

This one’s better with a group of 4 people. One can be a panda, one is a penguin and one pigeon.

4) Black and White Hat SEO

All black outfit will work and wear a white hat. That’s it.

5) Mobile App

Just wander around the party with an appetizer, cheese crackers, and dip. Also, a great way to make friends at a party. Mobile “APP”

6) Instagram

Dress up like a hipster and hand out graham crackers. Insta-Graham

7) Ghostwriter

You can grab a sheet or white blanket and cut a hole for your head and arms. Dab some black ink spots and get a feather quill.

8) White Space

Dress in all white. Add white face paint and white wig. Add a hint of color somewhere on the outfit, like a colored tie or scarf, or even a paint splotch if you’re okay with ruining an article of clothing. That color splotch will make the white space more prominent, transforming you into “white space.”

9) Series A Round of Funding

Just grab your friends with you and write letter A on your shirt and line up.

10) Fully Vested

Just put on a bunch of vests and people are going to get the joke.

11) BuzzFeed Reactions

Everyone dresses in yellow and each will write one of the following in big black letters on their shirt all the reactions of Buzzfeed. Put number above each reaction like “Ew” and number.

How’s that for easy and effortless Halloween costumes? Share some of your ideas in the comments below.

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