The HODL WARS “warfare chronicles”Battlemech Blast!

A Survive or Scrap Metal 2D web3 Shooter on the WAX blockchain.

Graff Punks Media
4 min readSep 20, 2023

Memory Fragment #1138

In the wastelands of a fractured world, where remnants of civilization struggle to survive, emerged two legendary factions: the “Crypto Moonboys” and the “Bitcoin Kids.” The year was 2197, a time when the very essence of power and wealth had shifted to the digital realm.

The Crypto Moonboys, led by the enigmatic Captain Orion, were renowned for their mastery of decentralized warfare. Riding colossal mechs forged from salvaged relics of a bygone era, they roamed the desolate plains, fueled by the promise of a new order. Each member wore their outfits with pride and sang their hymns symbolizing the constant ebb and flow of their fortunes.

Opposing them were the Bitcoin Kids, a legion of agile mech warriors who navigated the treacherous waters that now blanketed the Earth’s surface.

Commanded by the brilliant tactician, Major Aya, they had harnessed the power of blockchain technology to reclaim control from the warlords that plagued the aquatic domains. Their emblem, a stylized “Smiley Skull” represented their relentless pursuit of a decentralized rebellious yet enigmatic future.

Their saga began in the sun-scorched ruins of Novo-Tokyo, where the dwindling remnants of humanity sought refuge from the relentless storms.

A long-forgotten prophecy whispered of a ancient relic, said to possess the power to reshape the world. Both factions, driven by their visions of a new dawn, set forth on an epic quest to secure this elusive artifact.

The journey was fraught with peril, as the Moonboys clashed with rogue factions inspired by the Tank Police, their mechs’ gleaming moonsteel clashing with the rusty, repurposed war machines of their adversaries. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin Kids navigated the treacherous waters, fending off marauding pirate fleets reminiscent of the submerged cities and infiltrating heavily fortified floating cities with stealth and precision.

As the legend unfolded, echoes of the “Ghost in the Machine” reverberated through the cybernetic landscapes, as both factions grappled with questions of identity and humanity in a world dominated by technology.

In the heart of the battleground, an austere encounter took place between Captain Orion and Major Aya.

Beneath the flickering neon lights of a shattered cityscape, they confronted the reality of their shared mission — to liberate humanity from the shackles of a broken world.

On this fateful day, after all the blasters cooled and the factions claimed their spoils, …unknowingly they uncovered the ancient relic’s true purpose: not to wield absolute power, but to facilitate a new era, where the pillars of the past and the promise of this primed digital age could coexist not clash.

United by their newfound understanding, the Crypto Moonboys and the Bitcoin Kids forged an alliance, their mechs entwining in a display of unparalleled synergy. With their combined might, they shattered the last vestiges of the old order, ushering in a renaissance that echoed the artistic brilliance of GraffPunk’s creations.

The legacy of the Crypto Moonboys and the Bitcoin Kids endured as a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity in the face of adversity, and their story became a beacon of hope for generations yet to come.

Graff Punks Presents: Hodl Wars Battlemech Blast! a soon to launch top down 2D shooter game on the WAX bkockchain

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Story by Wizza Pizza for Graff Punks Media



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