Why States Should Start Embracing Blockchain Payment Networks like GRAFT when Thinking About National Digital Currency

The efforts have been in fits and starts, but the trend is alive and believe GRAFT Payment Network is particularly well suited to provide a practical solution.

“The Monetas deployment in Tunisia is the first application for a full ecosystem of digital payments. With the La Poste Tunisienne Android application powered by Monetas, Tunisians can use their smartphones to make instant mobile money transfers, pay for goods and services online and in person, send remittance, pay salaries and bills, and manage official government identification documents.” — Monetas CEO Johann Gevers

The common theme among those states that tried it and rolled it back was lack of adoption, complexities of multimodal monetary systems, or external regulatory pressures (like the one from EU on the member states).

GRAFT Payment Network is uniquely positioned to address both of these hurdles as it allows for both systems to work in parallel and makes any digital currency as easy to use as electronic fiat payment.

GRAFT RTA transaction bundles the distributions to multiple “wallets” into one atomic transaction

So, ultimately what is driving the states to experiment with digital currencies?


Various states around the world are interested in adopting digital currencies, but the ones that they issue and control. The impediment has been a lack of a good transition path and easy adoption. GRAFT Payment Network would provide both, adding more value added functionality, like seamless consumption tax collection, in the process.




GRAFT Blockchain enables using any cryptocurrency at the Point of Sale. Natively

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GRAFT Blockchain

GRAFT Blockchain

GRAFT Blockchain enables using any cryptocurrency at the Point of Sale. Natively

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