For my upcoming Digital Story, I will be going on the non-service learning track: College, Self, & Community. I am choosing this track because I want to learn more about the community around me, become more involved, and engage and interact in peoples every day lives. I will take this track in exploring the group I am in: Fashion & Business Club; and by writing about and exploring my experience through informal recruitment with Phi Mu.I would like to gather my information by doing observations when I am with the group Fashion & Business and by attending their events. For informal recruitment, I will observe the interactions between people and interview people who participated in informal recruitment and those who participated in formal.

Initial Research Questions:

Why did you join the Fashion & Business Club?

What interests you within Fashion & Business?

How is informal recruitment different from formal recruitment?

Why a sorority?

What do you hope to gain from joining a sorority?

How does your experience joining a club and/or sorority compare and contrast to others?

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