Post #1 — Digital Story

For my upcoming Digital Story, I will be going on the non-service learning track: College, Self, & Community. I am choosing this track because I want to learn more about the community around me, become more involved, and engage and interact in peoples every day lives. I will take this track in exploring the group I am in: Fashion & Business Club; and by writing about and exploring my experience through informal recruitment with Phi Mu.I would like to gather my information by doing observations when I am with the group Fashion & Business and by attending their events. For informal recruitment, I will observe the interactions between people and interview people who participated in informal recruitment and those who participated in formal. What I hope to gain through this ethnographic story and research is knowledge. I want to learn more about both Fashion & Business and Phi Mu. Both are very interesting to me and it would be nice to hear other people’s thoughts on the two and what they want from joining them.

Initial Research Questions:

Why did you join the Fashion & Business Club?

What interests you within Fashion & Business?

How is informal recruitment different from formal recruitment?

Why a sorority?

What do you hope to gain from joining a sorority?

How does your experience joining a club and/or sorority compare and contrast to others?

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