Earlier today Snowflake announced the 10 semi-finalists for their 2021 Startup Challenge contest. We were very pleased to hear that Growth Book was selected for this round.

For those of you unfamiliar with Snowflake, they are a cloud based data warehousing company. We’ve always been a big fan of Snowflake- it’s crazy fast, scalable, reasonably priced, and a great option for your data warehouse. Growth Book supports Snowflake as a data back end for our experimentation and we are planning on some cool new features taking advantage of Snowflake’s advanced attributes.

We look forward to the next round of the contest.

Check out their blog post here:

Tesla rolled out a new user interface this year, and the reception was mixed to quite negative. Although I am not as bothered by most of the changes as others, it actually highlighted a problem that Tesla has had with their user interface that has bugged me for some time: mixing states and actions.

Tesla’s designers are faced with a problem that designers have been solving for years. How can you clearly show the state of the system, and how to perform an action to change the state? …

Multi-Arm Bandit testing comes from the Multi-Arm Bandit problem in mathematics. The problem posed is as follows: given a limited amount of resources, what is the best way to maximize returns when gambling on one-arm bandit machines that have different rates of return? This is often phrased as a choice between “exploitation,” or maximizing return, and “exploration,” or maximizing information. When applied to A/B testing it can be a valuable tool. …

As an engineer, I like to build things, but as a practical business matter, it’s usually less straight forward. As much as it pains me to say it, these days for A/B testing platforms it is usually more prudent to use a 3rd party platform. In this article we’ll discuss pros and cons of building vs buying A/B testing platforms.


Building your own A/B testing platform has a few undeniable advantages. If you have an engineering team that has the ability to take this on, the tight coupling to your code and deployment systems can create a great developer…

The other day I was speaking to a friend of mine who lamented that he didn’t really believe in A/B testing. He noticed over the years that at his company they have had plenty of successful test results but haven’t been able to see the effects of the tests on the overall metrics they cared about. He was expecting to see inflection points around the implementation of successful experiments. Quite often companies run A/B tests which show positive results, and yet when overall metrics are examined, the impact of these tests is invisible. …

Six years ago, my previous company had a problem. We had the habit of building large, time-intensive projects based on perceived market trends or tenuous research, and far too often these projects were unsuccessful at growing our business. We also had far too many meetings debating small details like the position of buttons or which colors to use, and some of these meetings even got contentious. Agile delivery counteracts a lot of these problems, but without the right systems and tools in place, we still ran into issues that slowed down progress to our goals. The solution we came up…

Graham McNicoll

Before Growth Book, Graham was the CTO of a successful Ed-Tech startup, and co-founded a non profit improving internet access for the developing world.

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