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Feb 6 · 1 min read

Hi Jessica. Thanks for your complimentary remarks, and for your generous clapping.

Regarding your question, you obviously cannot expect fanatics like Provine to think coherently. However, what I take him to mean is as follows. Extreme materialist scientists say that what we call consciousness, the self, or the ego, believes that it has free will because it seems to be making choices. If you hook the person up to some kind of scanner, however, this will reveal that the choice was made somewhere in the brain prior to the ego’s experience of choice (lights start flashing). They conclude that the brain made the choice, not the self, and therefore that there is no free will. The brain, over which the self has no control, is therefore the ‘driving force’ you refer to. You might be interested in this article on my website: which discusses this in more detail.

When he says that there are no purposes, no goal-directed forces, this is again a statement derived from materialism, the belief that the universe is nothing but the interplay of subatomic particles, which are assumed to have no consciousness, and therefore cannot have intentions, thus any sense of purpose.

So, in his worldview, there is no contradiction between the two statements. However, both of them are wrong, in my opinion.

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