Some European Union Doublespeak

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, said on March 5th that “there are external anti-European forces which are seeking, openly or secretly, to influence the democratic choices of Europeans — as was the case with Brexit and a number of election campaigns across Europe”.

He might think that, and it might be true. It’s also true that there were external pro-European forces which sought, openly or secretly, to influence the democratic choice of Britons — as was the case with Brexit. Imported to campaign were Barack Obama, and Christine Lagarde. Marc Carney may have a job here but he was also imported from Canada, and consistently rubbishes the Brexit campaign. Talk of an emergency budget, immediate recession, financial apocalypse — all known as Project Fear, and all rubbish. Donald Tusk obviously didn’t notice this, or may have forgotten. And, despite all this, we still voted to leave.

On the subject of “a number of election campaigns across Europe”, how did Macron go from being someone no one had heard of to French President in just over a year? Any pro-European interference there? On March 4th in a Guardian article, falling in line with Tusk, he said that Brexit happened because of “the lie and the irresponsibility” of “anger mongers, backed by fake news”, forgetting the fake news of Project Fear. He called for an agency for defending democracy and for Brussels to have more control over the continent’s economies. So that means no citizens can vote for the economy they want. What sort of democracy is that?