I’m rolling out Toggl (time tracking tool) for my remote team…

and I’d like to share how it goes — both the good and the bad…as it happens. I am doing this because I hope other companies will benefit from the insights and mistakes we make along the way.

If you have suggestions for our team as we embark on this journey, please reach out and let me know!

Background: We are a 100% remote ten person marketing team. We live and work from Israel, Berlin, Austin, Virgin Islands, CA, and Romania. We have audacious goals and a requirement from management to create a process and team that is predictable and scalable. To be specific, we are currently marketing and selling 6 products and will need to scale to above 50.

Chapter 1

On Monday, August 21st I introduced Toggl on our quarterly fireside chat. Our entire team gathers once per quarter for an hour long fireside chat. If you care to see what they are like, you can watch the call here.

On the fireside chat, I laid out where we stand against our goals and where we need to go next. As you can see from the table below, we’ve got a ways to go.

Which begs the question, how are we going to get there?

We’re going to get there by every person on the team getting better at getting better — put another way, by Kaizen, or ‘continual improvement’, over the long haul. Since we’re knowledge workers and since our time is our most valuable asset, we need to measure how we use it in order to improve…thus our move to Toggl.

Later that day, I sent out this email to the team:

Btw, if you care to see the links I am referring to in the email:

Example of template filled out

I will be meeting 1-on-1 with each person on my team over the next week to walk through Toggl and will send out our learnings from those meetings.