By Andrew Green, LaRae Hudson, Jonathan Knittel, Graham MacDonald, and Omar Sosa

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More often than not, churches and schools are failing to equip believers and unbelievers alike with the necessary tools that are vital when attempting to interpret scripture effectively. This, combined with the heavy secularized influence of society and the rest of the world, can lead to confusion more destructive than we even realize. Within our context, the issue of interpreting scripture becomes much more serious, and with much greater implications. …

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One of the greatest issues amongst the modern church today is one that I believe most of us are simply unaware of. And here’s the question:

Should we be singing Jesus Culture and Hillsong Music in our churches today?

Many of you have likely never even given this a second thought, so you may be asking, what’s the big deal? Most of this music will pass a basic Biblical ‘sniff-test,’ and even if it didn’t, what’s the issue with listening solely to the songs that are Biblically sound? There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

It’s a fair question that deserves an answer and I contend that this is an issue of greater scale than you realize. It’s my encouragement to you that you may give this issue severe thought as the implications are likely larger than we understand. …

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The rapper’s ninth studio album is a gospel inspired effort that feels, well, uninspired at best

After a number of false release dates and teased snippets, Kanye West finally gave us his gospel inspired album, Jesus Is King. While uncharacteristically being completely clear of explicit lyrics, Jesus Is King is not a sonic departure from the West’s typical sound. Borrowing elements from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Ye, and The Life of Pablo, Yeezy’s new album contains healthy doses of bass, trap drums, and pop melodies.

Of course though, spiritual awakenings are nothing new from pop artists. In recent decades, we’ve seen a number of artists walk away from secular music in favor of more spiritually inspired music, which quite frankly, is awesome. In the 1970’s, Bob Dylan became a born again Christian and released a few Christian songs before returning to his more traditional themes. MC Hammer released songs like “Pray” and “Do Not Pass Me By.” Former Kanye collaborator Lupe Fiasco’s muslim faith often permeates his music, as does the Christianity of Chance the Rapper. …


Graham MacDonald

Graham is a sophomore Accounting major at Northwest Nazarene University, located in Nampa, ID.

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