Why slatwall hooks can be invaluable in the home

No doubt you are familiar with the concept of slatwall and its various accessories even if you don’t recognise the name at first. You will have seen it displaying products in a multitude of high street stores and it is highly regarded for its flexibility and ability to quickly transform retail layouts.

Supermarkets, fashion stores, DIY emporiums, even your local newsagent all use slatwall as shelving racks, point of sale positions and retail display units. Whether you are examining a new pair of high end sneakers, or selecting a bag of sweets from a hook there is a good chance you are using slatwall without even knowing it.

And there are more domestic uses for slatwall as well. It can be a fantastic space saver if you are looking to organise your storage spaces especially in garages, attics and sheds. There is also the option of using slatwall as a display mechanism in the home as a way of displaying tools, hobby items or other possessions.

One of the biggest problems in the home (for example) is the gradual accumulation of hammers, screwdrivers, nails and other tools, all bought for a specific purpose then tossed into a variety of storage bins and boxes. With slatwall you can organise the multitude of items for easy viewing and access, potentially saving time as well as space.

One of the main benefits of slatwall is that it can be adjusted so quickly, in most cases just popping out the slatwall hooks, acrylic shelves or perspex holders and then making it just a question of organising your configuration to fit your storage needs and adjusting as necessary. Quick and easy every time.

There are many different designs and layout possibilities to meet virtually any need and it is possible to have items custom made to help you fit any space. Hooks, panels and inserts are come in a variety of lengths. Looped (also known as Euro) hooks also come in a smart chrome finish making them perfect for displaying purposes.

Whether you are looking for something bespoke or just some basic units, slatwall is the flexible option you need.