Who’s feeling lost in the whole climate change debate?

In 25 days from now governments, business leaders, global media and some of the biggest brains in climate science will be in Paris. The United Nations Climate Change Conference is a much anticipated event. On the agenda; saving the planet, and quickly. More specifically, getting consensus from 196 parties on reducing carbon emissions in a universal climate agreement.

Climate change is a massive problem that needs smart solutions and it needs them now. It’s a complex enough problem for the experts & influencers, so what can we as mere mortals do that could possibly make a difference? It’s a tough question that so many of us who care about the future of the planet often ponder. One enormous quick fix magic wand solution is just not going to happen. So what about the age-old approach of millions of people, hundreds of millions of people taking small steps, making small changes, what could that achieve?

Well we asked ourselves that question two years ago. We’re just two ordinary Australian blokes — fathers and athletes — and we really thought hard about it. After a lot of research, we discovered the opportunity was right in front of us — in fact we were wearing it. What if we could create a fabric that was friendlier to the planet than the decades-old fabrics of cotton and polyester. And not just better for the planet in the manufacturing process, it had to be better from start to finish. We imagined replacing cotton crops with crops that need less water, less land and less pesticides to make the same amount of fibre.

It may be a cliché but if you want something to change then do something about it yourself, don’t wait for someone else to solve it. And you know what, we made it happen. After many months of prototypes and testing we’ve created four fabrics that are more planet friendly than any of the fabrics in your wardrobe today. And from one of those fabrics we made a t-shirt. We’re calling it the Greenest T-shirt on the Planet … because it is.

Creating something new takes time, but it’s not impossible, and we are just one of many. All over the world people are coming up with clever ways to mitigate climate change, turning ideas into reality, chipping away at the mammoth problem with practical everyday solutions.

What can you imagine?

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