The fact that you even took the time to write this trash says enough.
Carol Forden

Ack?! SF Ali is one of the good ones! No doubt, Satire is a third-class citizen on Medium — a prime candidate for self-deportation.

The martini dry, non-obvious, non-self-congratulatory kind is particularly distasteful. Vonnegut would have (totally) floundered here. Voltaire, he’d be writing a weepy open later (to Medium) within a week.

My greatest hope — SF Ali will ascend as supreme leader of the anti-christo-one-world-islamic-terror cabal. The Illuminati of Davos will faithfully bow before him — every other Friday afternoon at 12:10pm EST.

SF Ali will receive tiny tributes (equal parts appropriate and beautifully wrapped) from each supplicant before his unwashed sandals are licked clean — bubbly and glistening.

And yes, I’m (still) editing SF Ali’s acceptance speech. I (do) have to include Jar Jar in here — somewhere. Hope Jar Jar doesn’t ruin the coronation?! What a frack-up, that one.

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