Test: Gfycat-Gumroad Mashup for Looping Video
Graham Anderson

Are there any Design/UX/Ecom/Fashion folks who are listening in?

I need some advice on the tweaking the experience.

I could add stuff like subtle (barely visible) CSS3 particle effects over the product when the scene is in view. Enough to engage the eye before it disappears.

I could make the purchase transport bar visible only upon hover of the shopping cart icon.

I’d like the experience to favor the story/art over the Ecom — Too subtle to be noticed by casual users. The publisher is highly image/art focused. They still sell expensive printed magazines — which people actually buy!

Any guidance by designers/developers with heavy experience in high-end fashion and Ecom is most welcome. Myself, I’m not a designer.

What would someone like Ana Tudor or Chris Coyier say?