Editing Series crashes Medium app (ios)

Hi, Your Friends @ Medium

Trying to edit my ‘Stupid Musings’ series on the 60 gig iPhone 6s (10.2.1) crashes the iOS app. My guess — a app-related memory buffer issue?

I do like this Series idea as a kind of creative work journal — which is how I’m viewing medium as a whole. For myself, Series feels more like a coherent thread.

I understand the nature of new products and bugs. And perhaps, I’m not a typical use case.

Would love to continue journaling with Series :)

Re the memory issue, the safari iOS app seems to have a larger memory allotment than the medium iOS app . Can’t view my own articles thru the iOS app — as much of the content doesn’t load. On safari iOS (medium web view) much less woe — 99% of content loads.

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