Friends of Medium Request: Embed Videos in Matrix

Hello, Your Friends @ Medium. I have a feature request — I want the ability to embed video links side by side…same as your matrix of image/gifs.

If possible, I’d love to see the ability to insert videos (as another element) into your pre-existing matrices feature — just like images and gifs. I think many comic book / motion graphic people would appreciate the effort.

Perhaps, this upgrade is part of a (for pay) package plan? I understand the developer hours required to keep a pre-existing product cutting-edge and relevant. Not insubstantial.

I want to do something like the below — without having to merge two videos into a fake matrix. And, banishing that (expletive) Gif 256 color space back to 1990’s would be most welcome.

Would be a powerful upgrade — Keep the platform Vibrant for Creators!