Garbage Hashtag — Open to Public!


Of late, I have limited time to write. My articles require 2-3 weeks — I have 60 minutes. In truth, I have no idea how to write something compelling within an hour. First World problems — for sure.

I’m 100% certain that other adults deal with similar time constraints. We have families, bills, life, whatever. Writing is a guilty pleasure only. Given my experience with startups-advertising-math, acceptable compensation (for writing) is less likely than reversing thermodynamic law.

Garbage Launch

For every half-baked article I create, I’m including the #Garbage hashtag. These articles don’t represent my work — they are the best I can do within an hour. Takes the pressure off me…and perhaps…you as reader.

Last two articles — Garbage! Hence, the Garbage hashtag. If you feel compelled to place a Garbage hashtag on your work, Feel Free. I haven’t copyrighted Garbage…yet. Facebook might beat me to it!

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