Perhaps, the ‘old’ (which includes myself), have a different view of tech startups.
Graham Anderson

Here’s the interesting part. In my ‘youth’ as digital head of a large-esque ad agency, I sought out older 30–50 year old designers and developers.

Most Older folks have been in the trenches, they understand responsibility, and…gulp…they initially cost more! Imagine that?!

Most importantly they don’t bail on product launch day citing a mysterious eye pain. They don’t freak out over curve balls. If they trust you (translation — you’ve earned that trust) these folks will go to the mat…and work till the impossible is crushed.

Usually I find that heads who seek mostly young folks need cheap/disposable labor that don’t ask too many questions. Also, these folks are often not doing anything particularly important — like a hashtag campaign for Kraft 2% Cheese.

This not a snarky rant. I can only speak for my own experience and can’t tell other folks what to do or who to hire. Your mileage may vary.

My truth — Folks over 35 Rock!