You throw out this hypothetical to make a point, but it nearly mirrors a real and relevant…
Jessica Guzik

Hypothetically, even laptop nomad junkies will die — one day. Probably in some Thai resort town jail? Come to think of it, you can’t really be a crazy successful LNJ (laptop nomad junkie) if you have little ones to feed. Disruptive Innovation Lovers are thriving (most assuredly) but single — yep.

Then again, I’m a Gen Xer — sounds venereal, no?! Half a bottle of wine doesn’t help either. You know who isn’t a lover of Vaynerchuk? Fritz Lang. Why? Cuz he’s dead.

100%, the wisdom of Vaynerchuk will outlast the Buddha. Did I mention Fritz Lang? Metropolis is a visual feast.

Kindly disregard.