As a new user I find Medium is given more time than FB. I just like the depth of insight here.

I agree. Myself, I collapsed my social activity into Medium. As a platform, it is excels at responses, daily blogging, memoirs, rants, short form, and etc.

For folks are showcasing their art — not so great. Art(or stuff that takes a while to create) is giving the same weight as everything else. As Medium is in charge of the firehose, you don’t see it. And, the audience (generally) doesn’t appreciate the work. Too long or requires dedicated attention to enjoy it. I’m reminded of a Rembrandt exhibit where the 95% of the audience was staring at the painting on their phone rather than looking at the actual painting. No sour grapes here. I think the key (for non-bloggers) is to embrace Medium for what it is.