The New Medium? Probably No Poetry Or Fiction.
Mike Essig

I got one too..and 98% of my stuff (on Medium) is fiction. Looking at their writing categories was humorous. Perhaps, Medium created a super secret time machine?

If they’re heading back to the 90’s, I want a new AOL install 💽 — mine is scratched?!

Seriously, Medium could create a kick ass stable of writers that could rival the New Yorker. Original content that folks might actually want to follow — on a regular basis. History suggests readers will pay (money) for that pleasure.

Everyone does nervous twitch content (Huffo, Buzzfeed, Facebook) — why compete in an oversaturated cesspool of 💩?

The CPM (cost per 1000 views) must be like 50 cents at this point. The cost for a Corp to content market (the ringer) is about $30k per article.

🤖 — a $100 million investment offset by .0008 cents per view, and perhaps 365 content marketing articles (with guaranteed views) per year at $30k a piece?

With metrics like that, how the 👹🔥 is anyone going to compete with Facebook?!

dunno, I have no idea what their strategy is — not saying much as I’m a civilian. perhaps, it’s a closely guarded secret. my guess is that Verizon will purchase Medium as a 1990's style content portal…for like…a 1000X over current valuation. why? innovation-focused companies are (often) allowed to fail — upwards.