Kylie and Friedrich — A Gothic Love Story (Part 1)
Graham Anderson

I’m thinking about a new series, the Karpathians. Hayek and Kylie help solve the world’s greatest mysteries with scientist and artist luminaries.

  • Who knew Hayek and Kylie were helping LIGO discover the gravitational waves?
  • Hayek and Kylie don’t have to breathe?! They can fly into the cold expanse of space! That opens possibilities.
  • I always wanted to get Grimes, Meshuggah, and the Bulgarian State Choir into a jam session, and show how they create the music. Hayek and Kylie are very persuasive — those vampire eyes!
  • What is the process of condensation and phase change? Hayek and Kylie can transform into mist and divulge.

All the sexy-violent inappropriate behavior, gratuitous product placement, heavy math-science-art, and a coloring book animated feel. If the idea seems appealing, 💖 it or make a comment.

I’m looking for a fashion and cosmetics partners.

FYI, earlier in my career, I spent oceans of time developing products and cross-promotions for Cartoon Network, Disney, Power Rangers, Sony God of War, and many others. I have some experience in this arena. Anyway, I’m hurling the 💡 into the universe.

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