Hover Door — The HoverBoard Killer
Graham Anderson

I’m releasing this one a little early. Truth — this article (like the product) is not quite ready for prime time. Having fun with the iterations, tho!

Writing is mostly about discovery. Maybe watching the iterations will be of interest to medium readers? Who knows?

Truth — I’m amazed that Ryan Hoover monitors his own twitter feed! Same for Andreessen.

In progress

  • How to video ads with kids coming soon.
  • Fully realized animations. Working propellers.
  • InVision-Startup’y like content marketing creation story. Brainstorming shots —( too) young engineers lost deep in thought.
  • Purchase — Gum Road integration on Medium. Buy it!

More ideas forthcoming post tonight’s iowaska party. If you have an idea, speak your mind! I’ll consider it.

No joke — Hover Door is WAY better than Hoverboard!

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