Syria has three things that the West doesn’t want:
Jack Albrecht

No arguments here. As a taxpayer, I don’t want to spend $300–400 billion on behalf of Qatar over the friendship pipeline. Nope. Declined. That’s how change starts. Citizens say no — which forces politicians to reconsider.

100%, American businesses (in the war sector) will suffer. It’s time for the economy to transition out of war. A significant reduction in the Military Industrial Complex is possible — even Reagan’esque. It’s possible, realistic, and necessary. And, there is precedent.

From this article

First, requesting fiscally responsible defense budgets has historically been a bipartisan effort:

  • To keep a balanced budget, President Dwight Eisenhower, a five-star Army general and lifelong Republican, slashed defense spending by 27 percent after the armistice ended the Korean War.
  • Richard Nixon, also a Republican and Eisenhower’s vice president, cut the budget by 29 percent as he withdrew from Vietnam.
  • Between 1987 and 1998 the defense budget fell for 11 straight years as Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton — two Republicans and a Democrat — brought spending down to more sustainable levels as the Cold War wound down.

So, let’s do it — Demand it. Trump wants to increase the military budget — so did Obama — so did Bush 43. Say no.

If you’re a Trump supporter, Tell him, WTF?! Stop with the Military Spending. You’re some kind of Truth-to-Power — True Blue American Populist Genius, right? You and Guthrie— protecting the common man. I saw you hug the flag once — I know you love America — possibly more than you love Melania — not more than Ivanka — slightly more than Flynn — definitely NOT more than Manafort. And, you always keep your promises.

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