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No worries. I have some experience here. I recommended it. Given my dealings with startups/brands/social, it’s pretty tame.

Social tech is still in its infancy. Folks feel safe using heightened verbiage they’d never use face to face. As Social tech matures, so will its discourse.

It’s extremely hard to get a blog read! Your ask is people’s attention. Not food, not a toy, not pleasure/sex. Difficult!

Myself, I have better luck on Twitter. There are more industry types there. I market the crap of my posts using Buffer. Time suck is somewhat less.

I might also start utilizing Facebook — not my core market, tho. As writing doesn’t directly put food on my son’s table, my blogging time is limited.

If you have some successful strategies, SPILL!

Btw, thanks for recommending my articles there! Highly appreciated.

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