Well, I’m not that keen on scrolling too long far down a page… ‘though this is not so strong a…
Camille Wilkinson

Nosferatu, Faust, Sunrise — Murnau is within my top 5 directors of all time.

For the twitch’iness, I wanted to keep Hayek/Nosferatu’s writing in his own time. I took a letter within the Nosferatu movie, wiped the text, added my own, and filtered the crap out of it. The poems are a torchy, neoliberal, and vampire mashup. Fun!

Question — How would you improve the store? More seamless more relevant to the content, less annoying, and etc.

As you may have surmised, these Swag episodes take weeks to create. I’m looking for a way to justify the time and hire more great artists as each episode keeps getting more ambitious. These things are like a prolonged possession. Don’t know where they lead till the universe says I’m done.

Any thoughts from you are appreciated:) I’m figuring this out as I go…

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